Can I have a consultation?

We include our consultations into our sessions because as long as you have half an inch of fat, you’ve never had a hernia, are not taking blood thinners, are not pregnant, or have any unhealed incisions we are good to go! If you choose a service and we decide there is one better suited to you, we will change the service then and there. 

I have a pre purchased package, how do I book?

Book your session normally through this website and write the name of the package you've already purchased in the comments section! Don't worry your credit card will not get charged! The app we use asks for a credit card only to book.

What is the difference between all of the services you offer?

We currently offer fat reduction treatments and a fat reduction/muscle toning treatment. Laser Lipo, Fat Freezing, and Ssculpt. 

Basically fat freezing permanently gets rid of 1 inch of fat per treatment(on average). Fat freezing is permanant and after the age of 22 you do not grow any new fat cells. Once frozen and dead, your liver digests the cells which then get discarded out of your body through urine, your liver, and your lymphatic drainage system. With lipolaser, you would need about 3-5 treatments in order to achieve a 1 inch loss. The fat cells are depleted but still there, so it is easier to fill them back up if you were to gain weight in the future. In office , Fat Freezing: Upper or lower stomach right now is only $199, both upper AND lower or anything else is $349 and takes 2 hours because you have 2 of them! THIS INCLUDES: Arms, armpit fat, back bra rolls, love handles, upper & lower stomach, inner thighs, outer thighs, and banana rolls. 

Lipolaser+cavitation: 3 treatments for $189 and 5 for $289  

Our Ssculpt uses electromagnetic pulses to get down deep into muscle that you can't with exercise alone. Each treatment is 30 minutes. One session is equivalent to 20k sit ups or squats! You will see a very noticeable difference with 4 treatments. One Ssculpt treatment in office is $199, we do recommend a treatment package (per area) of 4 to get visible results. The 4 pack is $695 and then the next package above that is $995 for 6. 

With the 4 pack you would need to come twice per week for 2 weeks. With the 6 pack, you would come twice a week for 3 weeks. 

Please visit the home page of this website to book now before these prices are gone forever! 

What is the difference between your brand of machines and the CoolSculpting brand?

This is a very common question! We get our machines specially made for us with the features we know work best. Our brand is called the STech Skinny Freeze, and it is made in both Dubai and the UK. The technology itself is pretty simple, there needs to be a certain amount of suction and cold in order for fat cells to crystallize and die. 

Our machines are of course CE certified and Alberta Health has to come in and check everything for us in order to pass the provincial health inspection in order to receive our business licence. The reason for the variance in price between us and the Coolsculpting brand is simply their company policy. For spa's that own the Coolsculpting brand, they require a one time use card that cost hundreds of dollars per applicator used. In the end our company ends up making the same amount almost for the service as the spa's that offer Coolsculpting because their costs are much higher. 

Once we own our machines, we do not owe the manufacturer anything further. This is the reason we can offer the same service for a much lower cost to you. I can say some of our clients who have tried the Coolsculpting brand tell us that they have seen better results from our brand. 

How long do results take?

It takes the average person about three months to see their final result but you should start seeing results in about one month when the fat cells completely die. For people that have slow metabolism’s, pre-existing health issues, menopause, thyroid issues, or any metabolic issue, results could take up to six months .We do suggest drinking 2 to 3 L of water per day until then just to flush everything out so your results really depend on your water intake and not gaining any weight in the meantime!

Each treatment should get rid of about 1 inch of fat on average so treatment wise- it just depends on how many inches you want to get rid of. Since each person has a different metabolic rate unfortunately we can’t guarantee anything we can only say what the average result is. We do urge clients to drink 2 litres of water per day in order to flush the fat cells but we are unable to monitor this obviously so there is no way we can tell who will see optimal results and who won’t.