The best way to lose one inch on average per treatment permanently!


Fat freezing treatments target your fat cells and freezes them, causing the fat cells to crystallize, shrink, and die. The dying cells then go through your body’s biological process of elimination and get excreted through urine, the liver, sweat, and breath.

As fat cells have a higher sensitivity to temperature than skin cells, this leaves the surrounding skin undamaged, an advantage that fat freezing has over invasive treatments like liposuction. No surgery or incisions make it a fairly popular fat reduction treatment amongst many others.


We recommend drinking 2 liters of water per day following your treatment to help flush out these dead cells. Saunas, or our Infrared Sauna Wraps and Lymphatic
Drainage Massage are great ways to see your results even faster! By sweating out the contents of your fat cells through the top of your skin, your body can
concentrate on discarding the dead cells in your body even quicker.

Day of treatment:
• Drink plenty of water BEFORE and AFTER each treatment.
• Wear loose comfy clothes.

After treatment:
• Continue to drink no less than 2 liters of water per day until desired results are
• Anything that helps you to sweat will help with results. Saunas, and work outs are
great. We offer sauna wraps as well which help to expel fat cell contents faster
through sweat.
• Massage the area for a few minutes daily.
• Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 3 times per week, even walking or household
chores will do the trick.
• Eat a diet void of sugar and not too high in carbs. Intermittent fasting has been
shown to help significantly – eating only within a window of 6 hours /day. Some
clients find that a keto diet works well for them.

Current Packages:

One Applicator: Suitable for either the upper stomach OR lower stomach.
Member $199
Non-Member $249

Two Applicators: Suitable for any body part that you have two of : love handles, bra rolls,
upper AND lower stomach, inner thighs, outer thighs, banana rolls, above the knees, and arms.
Member $349
Non-Member $395

The Full Body
Includes 12 applicators. This can be inner thighs (2) outer thighs(2) upper and lower stomach (2)
love handles (2) bra rolls (2) and arms (2) . Our technician will take a look at your body and if it is
determined there are more suitable areas for fat removal we can work with you to achieve the
best results and place the applicators where you will see the greatest result. For this 3-5 hour
appointment, there is no need to bring snacks as we include a fresh healthy lunch. Customer
picks from a menu that is fully customizable to suit any dietary need.
Member $1795
Non-Member $1995

The BFF champagne package
Another Great deal we have is the BFF champagne package. This includes one bottle of
Prosecco, charcuterie for two, and two applicators of fat Freezing per person so normally we do
upper and lower stomach for two people. This price is 625, works out to be about 312 per
person. So if you have a friend that you can bring this is the cheapest option!
Member $595
Non-Member $625

Monthly Fat Freeze Memberships staring at just $349/Month.

Check out our Memberships page for more details on how to save monthly and get the most out of your treatments!

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