This is the best way to see the quickest results…

Following any of our body contouring treatments, or on its own for weight loss and other benefits. Instant results, so this is great right before a vacation or beach day to look and feel your best!


Infrared sauna wraps work by using electromagnetic radiation to stimulate living tissues. According to research, these blankets are more effective than saunas.

Infrared Body Wraps are perfect for boosting metabolism, burning calories, improving circulation to trouble spots, and detoxification! Infrared Body Wraps are whole body wellness treatments that promote a healthy body and can help you reshape your body while relaxing!



  • Burn 500 to 1400 calories in just one session.
  • Burn Fat – Helps to stimulate break down of fat and metabolize it.
  • Smooth Cellulite – smooth appearance of fatty deposits.
  • Improve skin elasticity – smooth and tone skin.
  • Pain Relief – Soothes tight achy muscles and joints.
  • Relaxation & Stress Relief.
  • Continue to burn calories throughout the day with an increased
    metabolic rate.

Jump Start Fat Loss With an Infrared Body Wrap!

The Skinny Spa’s Infrared Body Wrap is the most technologically advanced development for the traditional body wrap. This Amazing Infrared Body Wrap can rejuvenate skin, reduce cellulite, assist in weight loss, and detoxify the body. There are many different types of wraps out there that consist of clay, mud seaweed, and various herbal concoctions. All have limited capabilities. The Skinny Spa’s Infrared Body Wrap is ideal because it will allow your body to burn 100s or even 1000s of calories in just one session. Imagine how many hours of exercise it would take to achieve that!

When we accumulate body fat, Blood circulation becomes impaired. Because of lack of blood circulation, these fat pockets become very difficult to metabolize or burn. Also, very little warmth or body heat is being circulated to that body part. These are what we call “cold spots”. When we take away the body heat and circulation from these areas, the subcutaneous fat then begins to turn into an unhealthy condition called cellulite. Over time it can collect fluid and harden, making it extremely difficult to get rid of.

The purpose of the Skinny Spa’s Infrared Body Wrap System is to apply deep penetrating infrared heat directly to trouble spots to get underneath the fat tissue and increase circulation to areas where fatty tissue exists. Bringing blood circulation back into areas that have restricted blood flow causes the metabolism to rise. The infrared heat softens the fatty tissue causing it to break down and get released into the blood stream in the form of Water, Fatty Acids & Triglycerides which are burned for energy or excreted from the body through sweat. When we have an excess of calories that are not burned for energy, the body stores them as fat. The infrared body wrap can help reverse this process by breaking fat down into calories and placing them back into the bloodstream to be used as energy.

How Does the Infrared body Wrap Work?

During our body wrap process clients are wrapped in a full plastic suit. Clients must wear their own underwear. Women have the option to go topless or wear a bikini/bra/sports bra. You will then be zipped up to your neck and the wrap will continue to heat up. You will start to sweat and feel the process working! After 30 minutes you will be unzipped and with the help of a massage gun, you will receive a quick lymphatic drainage once over. We will then give you a cold wet towel to cool down with and wipe up any remaining sweat.

Stored fat is converted into fatty acids which is used by the muscles for energy. The heating up and cooling down process of the body requires a lot of energy. Not only can Infrared Body Wraps help with fat loss and cellulite reduction, but they also can help your body feel better if you suffer from arthritis, muscle aches, etc. Detoxification is also a benefit because the toxins are released from the body more easily. When your time is up, the technician will do a quick lymphatic drainage massage. This helps with further clearing of toxins to get you the best result.

It is recommended you drink water before and after your session to replenish any fluids lost through sweat. Sessions are 45 minutes long and can be done with 24 hours in between. For best results, body wraps should be done 2-3 times per week for 4-6 weeks!

Treatment comes with a 30-minute sauna wrap plus a lymphatic drainage massage via massage gun – helping to improve lymphatic flow, balancing body fluid flow, increasing circulation, and reducing any swelling.

Lose 1-2 pounds immediately with this amazing weightless treatment! Enjoy a 30 minute sweat session and a lymphatic drainage massage.
Perfect for before a vacation or beach day to get rid of instant bloat and water weight. Please wear undergarments such as a bikini or sports bra and shorts that you can change out of. Bottoms are mandatory but tops are not. Cold cloth to follow to cool you down!

Current Packages:

8 Sessions $349/month
Additional Sessions $65 each
3/$216 ($72 each)
5/$350 ($70 each)
8/$544 ($68 each)

Monthly Membership includes up to 8 sessions per month as well as other perks!
Minimum 3-month commitment required.

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out of your treatments! *

We recommend 2 sessions per week for the ultimate detox and weight management.

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