We are now pleased to offer monthly packages that include great perks and pricing exclusively to our members only!



Our memberships are designed to give you the greatest value to ensure you get the best results, in the maximum amount of time! If you plan on getting serious about achieving your desired goals, our memberships can get you there! Starting at just $245/month you can experience the best in body contouring excellence! We use only the most advanced technologies on the market, ensuring you get the best result for your investment.

Memberships are your best value and offer a full return from your first visit alone, meaning with just one visit – you’ve already saved. You will also receive special members only pricing on additional treatments if you wanted to try something outside of your monthly membership!

We know you have goals in mind, and this is a great way to hold yourself accountable as we work with you every step of the way to achieve these goals. Members receive a free monthly body composition analysis to give us all the information needed to get you to your end goal. These include your BMI, visceral fat, and muscle percentages. Includes protein, fat, sodium, and water intake information, as well as your body age, height, weight, and countless others. We want to see results, and with these monthly memberships, we make sure we get them, whether you want to tone muscle, lose fat, tighten skin, or decrease cellulite, we have the knowledge and resources to get you there. This is why our memberships can include a personalized diet and fitness coach, other complimentary treatments, monthly checkins, and a welcome package complete with everything you need to get started!


All memberships require a minimum 3-month commitment. The memberships are monthly, meaning once the initial 3 months are complete, it will continue until you cancel. There is no fee to cancel, but we do require 15 day’s notice.


Financing Options Available